Step # 01

Login to your IGL Account

Step # 02

Open up the IGL Battle Royale page.

Step # 03

Select the preferred Battle Royale you wish to join. Click on Join Now.

Step # 04

Pick the Team you wish to enter the Battle Royale with; you can also create a team if you do not have one for that game, or platform. Ensure the correct Game IDs are entered.

Step # 05

Once you have joined the Battle Royale, ensure you Check-In once the Check-In opens. View details in Battle Royale overview.

Step #06

Once the Check-in closes, the Groups will be generated.

Check which Group you belong to, view the Lobby Code and begin the match.

Step # 07

After the match concludes, submit your rank and number of kills in the Submit Results Tab along with a screenshot of the final result. You must take a screenshot of the final result with a Timestamp and Game ID. If a false result has been submitted by any team in your Group, you could raise a Dispute. The admin shall review your dispute.

Note: False result submission will have severe consequences.