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Support Guidelines

  • All ladder, league and wager match support must go through our ticket system.
  • Ticket submissions must follow the guidelines provided on the ticket creation page.
  • If you are experiencing a site issue please submit a ticket under the 'Bug Patrol' category.
  • If you are looking for tournament match support. Visit the support tab on the tournament page.
29 May 2016
11:00 PM CDT
3 Details Default Random 300 Yes 2% ACCEPT
29 May 2016
11:00 PM CDT
3 Details Default Random 300 Yes 2% ACCEPT
29 May 2016
11:00 PM CDT
3 Details Default Random 300 Yes 2% ACCEPT
29 May 2016
11:00 PM CDT
3 Details Default Random 300 Yes 2% ACCEPT
29 May 2016
11:00 PM CDT
3 Details Default Random 300 Yes 2% ACCEPT

Singles Rules

General Rules

  1. Rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of all the users participating on this ladder to know and understand the rules before scheduling any matches.
  2. All Gamrs accounts, teams and roster spots are property of Gamrs Inc. Any advertising of, or attempts to buy, sell, trade, or exchange any aforementioned item is strictly prohibited. Violators will be removed from all Gamrs online properties and all related accounts terminated. Furthermore, Gamrs reserves the right to deactivate, reset or temporarily suspend any account or team, without notice, that violates our Terms of Use.
  3. Users must utilize their own unique username when competing on Gamrs. This unique username must have been registered on Gamrs personally by the user. The registered username must contain the correct and complete Name, Address, and Email of the user. If a false Name, Address, or Email was entered, the user voids the privilege to participate in the Ladder/Tournament and receive any prizes.
  4. Users are prohibited from sharing Gamrs account information. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: usernames, passwords, gamertags, email accounts, etc. If another person accesses your account, you may be disqualified from the Ladder/Tournament you are participating in as well as be removed from Gamrs. As such, you are personally responsible for accepting an invitation to a team. Someone else cannot accept a team invitation for you. If you do not personally accept a team invitation, you may be disqualified from competing. You will also forfeit the ability to receive prizes.
  5. If a user is found to be evading an active penalty, the original account that was banned will be disabled, regardless of the original offense. In addition, users found to be participating on a team with a user that is evading a ban will be subject to penalties including removal from the site. We advise you to report the evading user immediately by utilizing our ticket system.
  6. Gamrs prohibits users from creating or managing more than one team on a ladder from the same household as well as competing against each other. Multiple people from the same household may compete on Gamrs; however, only one username can be in a management position on a team. All other usernames from the same household cannot be anything higher than member on any team on the same ladder.
  7. The Leader of a team can change the team name, blast message, logos, avatars and website links. The images/information submitted must be appropriate. Attempting to bypass the automatic censor by misspelling, inserting spaces or symbols, transposing letters, using look-alike symbols, or any other method is not allowed. Teams that attempt to bypass the censor will be subject to penalties.
  8. Teams on a ladder must contain the minimum number of eligible players to remain active on a ladder. Teams without the minimum number of eligible players - especially teams that are 'abandoned' - are subject to removal at the Staff's discretion.
  9. As to ensure fair competition, Gamrs reserves the right to amend all match-related rules listed herein on a case by case basis. Teams who manipulate these rules maliciously and/or at the expense of other members will be penalized for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.


  1. It is the responsibility of both teams to verify the eligibility of all players playing in the match prior to starting or continuing any match play. A team playing with an ineligible player will forfeit the map the ineligible player participated in.
  2. All gamertags on a team's roster must be valid. The gamertag must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.
  3. Users are permitted to be listed on only one team on each ladder at any given time. Users are only permitted one gamertag per ladder.
  4. All roster spots must be comprised of only one valid gamertag. Spelling and spaces must be exact, but does not need to be case sensitive.
  5. Gamertags may not contain foul language, disparaging remarks, hateful or racist names.
  6. Players must have a green eligibility icon next to their name to participate in matches.
  7. If a team uses an ineligible player in a match they will forfeit the map the ineligible player participated in. Proof must be shown to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a match.


  1. Gamrs has a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Teams caught cheating, 'glitching', or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be removed from Gamrs.


  1. When submitting a ticket, fill out the whole ticket with the correct information.
  2. All Gamrs staff decisions are final. If a decision is made from a ticket, additional tickets are allowed if they have new information that would potentially change the outcome of a specific match.

No Shows

  1. A team has 15 minutes to show for the match with the correct amount of eligible players in the match, Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the match.
  2. Contact Live Support if it is available to get support, If live support is not available submit a ticket with valid proof under the category 'Match - Opponent Did Not Show'.


  1. When submitting proof, you must paste the hyperlinks to your proof in the URL boxes. Be sure to only place one URL link in each box.
  2. All proof submitted in your ticket needs to be from the match in question. If you submit proof from the wrong match/game or links to inappropriate material, you risk being penalized.
  3. When submitting proof you must post the url in the ticket, Youtube videos cannot be set to private.
  4. For proof to be considered valid it must have the full scoreboard with gamertags. It must be large enough for staff to read it.
  5. Gamrs also has a zero tolerance for submitting fake or old proof. Anyone caught may face removal from Gamrs.
  6. Any conversation is not considered valid proof. For example: Twitter, PMs, AIMs, and Skype chats are NOT valid.


  1. Teams must report the match within 2 hours of completion if not the match will be canceled. If a team reports within 2 hours and the other doesn't the outcome will be determined by the reporting team.
  2. if you encounter any issues during the match teams must submit a ticket with valid proof for their claim. For proof to be considered valid it must be clear, show the other teams gamertags along with the scoreboard, and must have proof of the accusation.
  3. Teams that have 4 or more disputed matches will be automatically locked and unable to play additional matches. The team will not be unlocked until they have less than 4 disputed matches.